Package Your Policies for Staff.

Share your knowledge with other teachers.

Turn Your Class Lessons into Courses.

Accelerated learners can speed ahead.

Students needing extra help can review.

Students can share skills with each other.

It's Your Content Just Packaged Differently

Use an eLearning Course to Leverage Education

Administrator to Staff

Teacher to Teacher

Teacher to Student

Student to Student

eLearning Equals Personalization

What's so special about eLearning is the ability to personalize learning. According to docebo eLearning and its technologies aide instructors to personalize the learning process. Instead of having students conform solely to the learning process. The process can conform to the student.

Here is a sample from one of our lessons:

Help With Missed Information

When information is missed by a student or teacher for any reason they will have the opportunity to get all the required information from the eLearning course.

- Teachers miss staff meetings, arrive late or excuse themselves for the restroom.
- New teachers need to get up-to-speed quickly if hired later than others.
- Students miss class, arrive late, leave early or have another excuse for missing the lesson.
- New students are enrolled later and need to review content covered.

Help With Differentiated Instruction

Technology can play a large role in helping teachers with differentiated instruction. Students learn in different ways and at different speeds. An eLearning tool will greatly help level the playing field among students.

- Students who want to learn faster can use eLearning for them to quickly move through lessons.
- Students who need extra help will use eLearning for review and to repeat lessons.
- Students that are on target can use eLearning as a preview for the lessons in class.

Analytics That Help

Having meetings and providing lessons can sometimes keep you in the dark with who is comprehending, retaining and remembering information. With an eLearning course, you have at your fingertips who watched what number of lessons. Add a quiz to help ensure they understand the material presented.  

Teachers Helping Teachers

Each teacher has a set of skills and class management strategies that are different from other teachers. Using an eLearning can help teachers share their knowledge with one another. New teachers starting the careers can use courses created by other teachers to help them get up-to-speed quickly.

Students Helping Students

 This is an exciting area for us because here students are able to package their knowledge about a particular subject and quickly share it with other students. Students learning from other students is highly enriching and the benefits are on both sides. Read more here:


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